November 2017 Meeting Recap

The guest speaker at our November meeting was Jack Hurst, former A.V. Roe (Avro) flight photographer and member of the Raise the Arrow expedition.

Jack shared with us several fascinating stories about life at Avro and the development/production of the CF-100 (Voodoo) and CF-105 (Arrow). He spent many hours in the rear seat of a Voodoo photographing the Arrow in flight. He was also present for the launch of the Arrow free-flight test models from a ramp at Point Petre into Lake Ontario.

When the Canadian jet fighter program was abruptly cancelled in 1959, over 30,000 people lost their jobs and all Avro Arrow-related material was ordered destroyed, including Jack’s photographic records. The 6 completed Arrows were turned into scrap metal. All that remains are the models at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

Using technology that was instrumental in the discovery of Franklin’s HMS Erebus in the Arctic, the ‘Raise The Arrow’ expedition was able to locate one of the models in August of 2017. Jack will be back with the team this summer as they search for more evidence.

There was a lively Q & A following Jack’s presentation and lots of interest in the artefacts he showed the group. Doug Booth also brought along a selection of his excellent Arrow builds to cover the modelling angle.

For more information and an opportunity to donate to the effort please refer the expedition’s Website and Facebook page.

Here’s Jack’s presentation.

Pics from the November meeting.