Sept. Meeting Minutes and October Notice

Hi, all;

A very busy meeting held last night. We had one new Member join – welcome Robert!

Gerry and Tom laid out the final arrangements for the Show on Sunday, Sept. 25. Volunteers are needed on Saturday the 24th at 7pm at the Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre at 656 Elizabeth Street(south of Wolseley Barracks) to set up the tables (this should not take long if we have enough hands!). Also, volunteers will be needed at 8:30 am on Sunday the 25th to assist vendors with their boxes to get set up. Doors open at 10am, and there are lots of things to do to keep everyone busy through the day. It is a long day – but everyone in the past has had a lot of fun.

The next Meeting will be Wed. Oct. 12 at 7pm at the Westmount Library on Wonderland Rd. S. Gerry will be leading a de-briefing on the Show. This is also interesting and all the folks who volunteered should attend to give their ideas on what worked and didn’t.

Don – Pres